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Alginate Hydrocolor 5
Alginate Hydrocolor5 Fast Set Packaging: 453g/pkt ..
Alginate Hydrogum 5 - Zhermack
Alginate Hydrogum 5 Long Life  Code: 90100 5 Year Self life. Highly Accurate Alg..
Alginate Phase Plus - Zhermack
Alginate Phase Plus - Zhermack Code: 90106 5 year shelf life Color change purple, pin..
Bib Holders
Bib Holders Available in 3 Type Chain Plastic Expando ..
AUD$3.30 AUD$3.00
Burs Cleaning Brush
Burs Cleaning Brush Code: 914 Stainless steel bristles remove debris from instruments pri..
Burs Holder - Aluminium 24 holes
Burs Holder - Aluminium 24 holes Code: 244 (20FG+4RA) 24 holes ..
AUD$13.00 AUD$9.75
Burs Holder Plastic 24 holes
Burs Holder Plastic 24 holes Code: 243 Rectangular 24 holes (20FG+4RA) ..
AUD$6.50 AUD$4.85
Burs Holder Plastic 60 holes
Burs Holder Plastic 60 holes Code: 242 Round 60 Holes (30HP+20RA+10FG0 ..
AUD$12.00 AUD$9.00
Burs Holders Aluminum 8 Holes
Burs Holders Aluminum 8 Holes Code: 245 8 Holes 8FG Assorted Color Autoclavable ..
AUD$6.00 AUD$4.50
Burs Holders with Silicone
Burs Holders with Silicone Code: 247 Assorted Color 16 holes ..
AUD$15.50 AUD$11.60
Burs Holders with Silicone 10 holes
Burs Holders with Silicone 10 holes Code: 246 10 Holes Assorted Color Autoclavabl..
Klenex Compact Towels
Klenex Compact Towels - D4456D Code: 910 Kleenex  Towel can be used to refill your h..
Mixing Wells-Unident 4 or 2 Well
Mixing Wells-Unident # 4 or # 2well Code: 110028 Special features include seat for brus..
Mouth props silicone
Mouth props silicone  Code: 264 Color-coded Silicone Mouth Props are sterilizable by..
RAYVUE Holders
RAYVUE Holders Code: 875 BITE-WING HOLDERS Packaging: 144/box ..
Mixing Bowls Silicone
Mixing Bowls Silicone Packaging : Each Size Available: Small, Medium, Large ..