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Aidal Plus
Aidal Plus Code: 906 Acidic 2% Glutaraldehyde. HIgh level disinfection of critical & ..
AUD$48.00 AUD$45.95
Ainsworth Orthostone
Ainsworth Orthostone Code: 460/20 20kg pali ..
AUD$109.00 AUD$98.00
Bactol Alcohol Gel
Bactol Alcohol Gel Code: 907 Packaging: 500 ml ..
AUD$11.50 AUD$9.95
Barrier Film
Our Barrier Film offers a finger-lift edge which allows for quick and easy placement and removal...
AUD$20.00 AUD$14.25
Bib Holders
Bib Holders Available in 3 Type Chain Plastic Expando ..
AUD$3.30 AUD$3.00
Bibs Dispenser
Bibs Dispenser Code: 217 Sits on counter or shelf or attaches easily to wall with supplie..
AUD$15.00 AUD$14.00
Burs Holder - Aluminium 24 holes
Burs Holder - Aluminium 24 holes Code: 244 (20FG+4RA) 24 holes ..
AUD$13.00 AUD$9.75
Burs Holder Plastic 24 holes
Burs Holder Plastic 24 holes Code: 243 Rectangular 24 holes (20FG+4RA) ..
AUD$6.50 AUD$4.85
Burs Holder Plastic 60 holes
Burs Holder Plastic 60 holes Code: 242 Round 60 Holes (30HP+20RA+10FG0 ..
AUD$12.00 AUD$9.00
Burs Holders Aluminum 8 Holes
Burs Holders Aluminum 8 Holes Code: 245 8 Holes 8FG Assorted Color Autoclavable ..
AUD$6.00 AUD$4.50
Burs Holders with Silicone
Burs Holders with Silicone Code: 247 Assorted Color 16 holes ..
AUD$15.50 AUD$11.60
Chair Sleeve Cover All
Chair Sleeve Cover All Code: 233 29" x 80" 125pcs/pkt ..
AUD$46.00 AUD$36.80
Chair Sleeve Full
Chair Sleeve Full Stable Quality & Easy To Use, Size - 48'' x56'' (122cm x145cm..
AUD$43.00 AUD$32.25
Chair Sleeve Half Cover
 Chair Sleeve Half Cover Stable Quality & Easy To Use, Size - 27-1/2'' x 2..
AUD$36.50 AUD$27.00
Cheek Retractor
Check Retractor Code: 252 Set of 2 Adult or child Autocavable Durable Lon..
AUD$4.50 AUD$4.50
Dental Bibs
Dental Bibs Dental bibs made of absorbent paper and PE film Small 1000pcs/pkt, 24cm x 33c..
AUD$33.00 AUD$28.00
Dermalux Code: 824 Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion is a mild, natural, organic, lotion for cle..
AUD$44.00 AUD$38.95
Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeve
Disposable Digital X-Ray sensor Sleeve   A disposable cover for the sensor on di..
AUD$8.50 AUD$6.50
Frostbite Code: 941 Tooth Vitality Tester ..
AUD$17.95 AUD$17.85
Instruments Cassette - 10
Instruments Cassette - 10 Code: 502 Autoclvable Holds 10 Instruments Dimensions: ..
AUD$72.00 AUD$72.50
Instruments Cassette - 20
Instruments Cassette - 20 Code: 503 Autoclavable Holds 20 Instruments Dimensions:..
Instruments Cassette - 5
Instruments Cassette - 5 Code: 501 Holds 5 Instrument Has 4 silicon instrument holdin..
AUD$33.75 AUD$33.75
Miracold Plus
Miracold Plus Code: 937 For vitality testing of devital teeth Package: 200ml/can ..
AUD$27.65 AUD$24.60
Miratray Adhesive Spray
Miratray Adhesive Spray High quality super-adhesive spray, for stronger adherence of the impr..
AUD$39.95 AUD$38.95
Mixing Tips
Mixing Tips Code: 218 Color: Blue/ White Blue/Orange Green Pink Yell..
AUD$13.95 AUD$14.70
Pouches (57mm x 133mm)
Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches 57mm x 133mm 200 Pouches per packet Buy 9 Get 1 Fr..
AUD$4.20 AUD$4.90
Sonidet Code: 904 Package: 5ltr High Active, Bacteriostatic, Netural Detergent for Eq..
AUD$27.50 AUD$26.50
T- Style Light Handle Cover
T-Style Handle Sleeve WIth Plastic Metarial, Clear Color Sleeve Cover, Safety &..
AUD$9.50 AUD$8.00
Viraclean Code: 905 Package: 5ltr Hospital Grade Service, Disinfectant, Can be both c..
AUD$27.50 AUD$26.50
Wash Material
Elite HD+Wash Material Code: 90205 Elite HD+Wash Material Regular Body 2x50ml Cartidg..
AUD$45.00 AUD$42.00
X-Ray Tube Cover Sleeve
X-Ray Tube Cover Sleeve Code: 237 15" x 26" 250 pcs/pkt ..
AUD$19.00 AUD$16.75